About RosettaHealth

Created by Nitor Group

The RosettaHealth Platform and it's suite of products and services was created by Nitor Group, a leader in health IT solutions.

About Nitor Group

Nitor Group provides a toolkit of healthcare solutions and services enabling organizations to exchange healthcare information safely, securely, and efficiently based on legislated and industry accepted interoperability standards.

Nitor Group offers simple, innovative, and standards based solutions for exchanging healthcare information between organizations. The characteristics of our solutions are:

  • Encapsulate the complexity of the standards and protocols
  • Simple, seamless integration with existing systems
  • Flexible deployment and cost models
  • Guaranteed results (Really! We provide guarantees!)

Why do we guarantee results in an industry that shies away from this type of commitment? First, we were there at the beginning of defining these standards. We know the what’s, why’s, wherefore’s and, as a result, we know what is needed to deploy successful solutions. Second, we stand behind our products and promises, plain and simple. Third, customers need risk and cost reduction, not solutions that may or may not reduce risk and cost.

Our team worked closely with the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) defining and deploying standards, creating reference implementations, and establishing the fabric of interoperability that is expanding across the industry today. Specifically, we were instrumental in successfully transitioning the NwHIN Exchange (now eHealth) into production, defining the standards and protocols in the Direct Project, and spearheading several Direct pilots.

We have taken all of this knowledge and experience as HIT consultants and software engineers and applied it to the development of a tool kit of solutions that enable interoperability and achieving meaningful use certification and/or payments.


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RosettaHealth™ breaks the barriers of medical record interoperability. Want to know more?

The RosettaHealth Platform and it's suite of products and services was designed by Nitor Group.