RosettaHealth™ Community Connect:  a simple, affordable, one-stop solution for clinical information sharing in a community.  All sites of care can easily and confidentially share information — from hospitals and ambulatory practices to post-acute care facilities and home health providers.


Wherever care is provided, have access to patient records

Coordinate + analyze

Be able to see trend and coordinate care across the community

Sensible pricing

Big capabilities at economical community pricing.



Wherever care is provided, CommunityCONNECT allows access to patient records.  Exchange patient records and messages easily and securely with any system.  Finally, the entire community can be sharing information, including:

  1. Hospitals,
  2. Ambulatory practices,
  3. Post-acute care facilities,
  4. Urgent care facilities,
  5. Home health and Telehealth.

CommunityCONNECT uses RosettaHealth's HealthBus technology that can talk all health protocols so that you are not limited by any vendors connectivity options.  Contact us to find out how simple this can be.

Coordinate + analyze

Care coordination across the community has many barriers.  CommunityCONNECT breaks down these barriers by providing easy access to data everywhere, ability to manage care across facilities, and analyze the data to see trends and improve outcomes. 

CommunityCONNECT provides features that simply weren't available at the community level:

  • Care management across facilities allowing workflow and tracking of cases,
  • Population health analytics that reveal insights and target areas for improvement.
  • Secure messaging, notifications and access to records everywhere there's care.

With CommunityCONNECT, you finally have the tools to easily manage care across the entire community.

Sensible Pricing

Interoperability platforms are costly to purchase and costly to operate.  EHR vendors offer limited exchange functionality outside their systems.

Now, you can have HIE capabilities at prices that work for the community.  CommunityCONNECT requires no software installs and no care and feeding by you.  It's a simple, out of the box product that just works.

Our cloud-based infrastructure allows us to provide big capabilities, but at sensible pricing that any community can afford -- from a few practices to a regional health system.  Contact us to see how CommunityCONNECT can connect your community.

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RosettaHealth™ breaks the barriers of medical record interoperability. Want to know more?

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