Community Portal

Exchange referrals, health records and messages with any EHR in the country. Meet MU2, HIPAA and HITECH-compliance. All using the largest trust networks -- and BlueButton.

Simple, secure health record messaging with anyone.

COnnect Everywhere

Accept referrals, health records and messages from any EHR in the land.

Easy Transitions of Care

Accept and manage transitions of care from anyone -- hospitals, clinics, and providers.  All meeting Meaningful Use criteria.

Simple, Clean, Efficient

Designed around health record workflow, Community Portal makes referrals and health records easy.


connect everywhere

Our Community Portal can receive and send health records to every EHR in the land.  Our portal comes "out of the box" using the largest trust networks -- and BlueButton.  A Community Portal account instantly gives you access to a world of exchange possibilities:

  • Exchange health records with any EMR.
  • Allow providers without EMRs to receive and send records.
  • Easily Print, Download or Send health records in complete MU, HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
  • Brings easy health record access to skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare, and other post-acute care scenarios.

Community Portal taps into the Meaningful Use standards to give easy, universal access to records.

Easy Transitions of Care

Transitions of Care couldn't be simpler with Community Portal.  Any Meaningful Use attesting provider can send transitions of care to a Community Portal user, in a fully compliant way -- just as they would any other provider.  Our portal:

  • Allows MU2 compliant transition to care providers without an EHR. like post-acute care facilities.
  • Easily keep track, and HIPAA-logged audit, of all transitions.
  • Intuitive interface make sending and receiving records easy - no training.
  • One click to view, download or send a record.
  • Allows related messages between providers.

For hospitals: sending referrals and transitions of care to facilities is simple -- even if they don't have an EHR.

For facilities without an EHR: reduce the effort to manage transitions, and help you referring hospitals make their MU goals.

simple, clean, efficient

Managing referrals, transitions of care, and health records couldn't be simpler with Community Portal.  Any provider can send and receive referrals, records and messages with a Community Portal user.  Our intuitive portal provides:

  • Simple interface for managing all referrals and records, be they electronic or fax,
  • Sending and receiving records from any provider - can always use fax.
  • The largest trust network in the land -- DirectTrust.
  • Nationwide provider directory for easy exchange of records.
  • Simplified workflow that allow the management of records and referrals..
  • Allows related messages between providers.

Our portal works in all modern web browsers as well as mobile devices with browsers.  Community Portal is the fastest, easiest way to extend health record access out to your healthcare community.

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