Simple, all-in-one solution enabling hospitals to meet Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3) information exchange criteria.

Meet Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) information exchange requirements in days.


Certified to meet all PI3 (formerly MU) objectives of information exchange.

ALl the Pieces

RosettaHealth’s infrastructure has all the pieces you need to meet your PI3 (formerly MU3) objectives for information exchange.

Plug and Play

Our XD* interface is the easiest way to put PI3 (formerly MU3) functionality into your organization. 

RosettaHealth’s EasyExchange offers hospitals a simple, all-in-one solution to meet Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Stage 2 and Stage 3 information exchange attestation and objectives. With one standard connection into your EHR, we assure you’ll meet all the PI3 (formerly MU3) information exchange requirements including coordination of care, secure messaging, patient portals and API access, and more.

We take all the headaches out of healthcare data exchanges, both technical and workflow! Our expert team will work with your staff to streamline and automate your patient provisioning process. We provide industry leading patient mobile clients and education materials to help your hospital reach more patients and meet your PI3 (formerly MU3).

End all the confusion and complexity of PI3 (formerly MU3)... RosettaHealth's EasyExchange puts all the pieces into place for Hospitals PI3 (formerly MU3) attestation for information exchange:

  • No more problems with delays and effort to integrate to different systems,
  • No more incremental fees from vendors for each new connection,
  • No more incompatibilities in exchanging data

We believe integrity and service may be hard to determine in the sales cycle, but are clearly evident when you start implementing.  We’ll give you free access to our test environment and support for integrating with your EHR.

 Judge our product first-hand with no risk.  We think you’ll be convinced that RosettaHealth is the fastest, easiest and most scalable HISP on the market.

Attestation Assured

Meeting Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Stage 3 attestation requires information exchange and access using a variety of protocols and means.  RosettaHealth connects to your EHR and handles all the exchange requirements in one, easy, intuitive bundle. RosettaHealth is guaranteed to meet all your PI (formerly MU) exchange needs for attestation. In a matter of days, hospitals can be enabled to comply and attest to all the information exchange objectives.

PI3 (formerly MU3) Information Exchange Objectives

  • Patient Access - Provide patients timely electronic access to their health information
  • Coordination of Care - Engage with patients or their authorized representatives about the patient's care
  • Information Exchange - Provides summary of care records when transitioning to and from another setting of care
  • Public Health Reporting - Capacity to submit electronic syndromic surveillance data to public health agencies

All the Pieces


RosettaHealth’s cloud-based SaaS infrastructure has all the pieces you need to attest to and meet your PI (formerly MU) objectives for information exchange. Our set of interworking components have you covered on all aspects of information exchange.

One connection from your EHR to RosettaHealth allows for all forms of health information exchange. Systems such as Epic, MEDITECH, Seimens, and QuadraMed provide an interface that is plug-n-play compatible with RosettaHealth.





Plug and Play

RosettaHealth’s XD* interface is the easiest way to put PI (formerly MU) functionality into your organization.  Moving over 5M records a month, nobody knows exchange the way we do.  And nobody knows how to get your organization up and operating as quickly as we do.

PI3 (formerly MU3) Components

  • Patient Portal - allows patients to view, download, and transmit their health record
  • Secure Messaging - Clinicians can message patients securely
  • HISP - Transitions of Care via Direct Secure Messaging
  • API - FHIR interface (Application API) into patient records
  • IDP - Identity provider for patients with expedited provisioning
  • API Client for patients - Industry leading mobile client that engages patients
  • Rules Engine - to route and transform information to meet objectives and special projects
  • Public Health - ability to send information to public health repositories and endpoints

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