Exchange QuickStart

Connect to health exchange networks in record time.  Everything you need to get connected to sharing networks like CommonWell, Carequality and DirectTrust.  From zero to connected in 30 days or less.

Easily connect to any medical system, network, or exchange

Connect to any Health Exchange

Fixed Price Implementation

Operational in 30 Days

Connect to Any Health Exchange

Connecting to health exchanges is a difficult and time consuming undertaking, fraught with unexpected pitfalls. Once connected, maintaining the connection requires dedicated staff and can be troublesome to keep operational.  RosettaHealth™ Exchange QuickStart takes the risk and cost out of connecting to any health exchange or trust network. Our experienced team will streamline the integration effort, guide your team through the integration activities, and connected in days.

Each exchange has their own on-boarding processes, uses a wide variety of protocols and standards, and operational procedures. Rather than requiring your team to acquire the specialized knowledge to navigate each exchange on-boarding process,  leverage our experts at connecting to health exchanges. The Exchange QuickStart keeps your team to focus on the simple task of integrating with our RosettaHealth platform while we navigate the on-boarding to the exchange.

Fixed Price Implementation

Budgeting to connect to a health exchange is simply too difficult. The knowledge needed to implement protocols, navigate business and technical on-boarding activities, understand the trust organization are major impediments.  Building and maintaining complex software in connect to these exchanges requires skilled resources that are not experts in these exchanges. This all translates to cost over runs and unexpected on-going costs.

We have are experts in all exchanges and protocols and will put our experience to work for you. We have fixed the price, guarantee no extra cost, and priced this to be affordable.

Operational in 30 days

We take away all the uncertainty about the length of time to complete the on-boarding process for any exchange.  Our well defined, deterministic, proven plan coupled with our expert staff will guide and ensure timely completion of all the technical and business processes within 30 days. Our plan includes

  • Using a simple, highly flexible REST API to connect to our platform. With just a few calls you will be connected to any system, network, or exchange in the US. 
  • A free, no obligation sandbox bundled with testing tools to accelerate development.
  • Experienced project manager to guide your team through the technical, administrative and operational activities.
  • Constant monitoring to ensure connections remain operational.

Using our RosettaHealthTM platform, we will connect you to any existing trust network (e.g. DirectTrust, eHealth Exchange, Commonwell, Carequality), HIE/ACO, or a new exchange.

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