Why Notarize when you can Optimize your Identity Proofing?


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Why Notarize when you can Optimize your Identity Proofing?

Wendy Floyd, Operations Manager

Wendy is an administrative professional with 20+ years track record in customer service, record keeping and project management. At RosettaHealth powered by Nitor Group, Wendy is the Operations Manager that manages Customer Support and Service, Digital Certificates Project, and Administration.

Secure Direct Messaging requires trust between two parties exchanging medical records.  This trust is established with a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Digital Certificate. Previously, LOA3 (Level of Assurance 3) in person authentication was required to identify proof an individual attached to the certification. While this process is straightforward, the inconvenience of having identification papers notarized has been a barrier to acquiring a PKI certificate.

Who has time to leave the office to get a signature notarized these days in our digital world?  I know that I do not have the time to drop everything.  Not to mention the scanning, and saving of these documents – just to upload into an email link.  I thought we were supposed to “save the Earth” and reduce the use of paper…hmm?     

Good news! RosettaHealth has partnered with DigiCert to offer Online Proofing and it is available NOW.  Instead taking an indeterminate number of days, the entire process can be completed in hours.

The Online Identity option allows you to verify your identity online. On DigiCert's personal identification page, you are presented with verification method options - to continue with the online option: select "Online Verification". This online identity verification process will reduce the amount of time and effort you will spend completing your identity verification.

RosettaHealth values the time of our customers and we have made the Digital Certificate Process smooth and painless for our busy customers; that want to focus on patient care instead of paperwork. 

Please visit our helpdesk Online Identity Proofing Process for more details.

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