HIT Consultant:  A Modern Industrial Revolution -- Electronic Health Information Connectivity


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HIT Consultant: A Modern Industrial Revolution -- Electronic Health Information Connectivity

The industrial revolution shaped life as we know it today.  Historic inventors, explorers, and entrepreneurs paved the way to economic and social transformation during the end of the Eighteenth Century through the middle of the Nineteenth Century. 

Fast forward 200+ years, and we have entered an era of Industry 4.0, in which computers and robotics are coming together in an entirely new way.  This period represents the combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Systems.

There is also a modern industrial revolution occurring within healthcare – in the form of electronic health information connectivity. 

However, many in the HIT market still treat connectivity as a cottage industry when it concerns challenging specialized areas such as interoperability and data ubiquity. 

Industry participants often believe it is more effective, efficient, and economical to create their own clinical data transportation solutions, when, in reality, exchange platforms exist that offer low-risk, low-labor, and low-cost alternatives. 

There are actually many lessons learned from the Industrial Revolution that can help HIT, and the entire healthcare ecosystem, today.  These are the key themes of a recent HIT Consultant article titled, “A Modern Industrial Revolution: Electronic Health Information Connectivity,” by Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth.

To learn more about how a modern industrial revolution is occurring within health information connectivity, please read the full article here.

In addition, if you would like more information about the RosettaHealth platform, which makes electronic health record exchange affordable and ubiquitous, please contact Buff here.

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