PODCAST:  Shark Tank, HIMSS 2017 and the Future of Health Data Sharing


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PODCAST:  Shark Tank, HIMSS 2017 and the Future of Health Data Sharing

In the following podcast interview, Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth, discusses how the concept of enhancing health data sharing was front and center at HIMSS 2017.

During his closing keynote address at HIMSS 2017, Kevin O’Leary, one of the stars of the TV Show Shark Tank, discussed the importance of health data sharing, and how it will be a new frontier for investors.  In particular, he highlighted how breaking down data sharing barriers will transform care, and the health IT industry overall.

“Can you imagine the potential that will be unleashed in this sector if we could get our act together and turn this thing into a digital freeform of information?" O'Leary said. "Yes, securely. The productivity potential is huge. It’s unbelievable, the amount of money that wants to come into this sector is unprecedented.”

O’Leary experienced first-hand today’s health data sharing challenges when he was unable to send MRI images from Los Angeles to his physician in Boston. To further prove his point, he discussed how it’s much easier to transfer capital across the globe in a matter of seconds.

According to Colchagoff, O'Leary’s commentary is very timely, as the huge demand for sharing patient records is increasing daily, which is driving this transformation. In addition, the cottage industry of making point-to-point data connections is quickly being replaced with solutions that allow universal data exchange.

Another driver for bringing this data ubiquity vision to life is focusing on business incentives – more so that interoperability – to facilitate the better sharing of data.  With today’s focus on value-based care, the push for more incentives will only increase.

Fortunately, with today’s cloud-based solutions, it’s much easier for health organizations to manage all of these data connections. These solutions offer a secure, easy-to-use platform that connects universally, and can be managed from one simple interface.

With the right solution, sharing patient records is as easy as transferring capital across the world. As today’s health organizations realize this potential, the future of care will forever be changed – where health data ubiquity will achieve the ultimate goal of driving down cost and improving patient outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can ease the movement of electronic medical records across any organizational boundary, please contact Buff here.

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