PODCAST: The Future of Health Data Analytics with Innovaccer


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PODCAST: The Future of Health Data Analytics with Innovaccer

In the following RosettaHealth podcast interview, Nishanth Varghese, the ‎Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Innovaccer, discusses the future of health data analytics, and how healthcare outcomes are changing thanks to data.

Thanks to the explosion of data over the past several years, today’s healthcare organizations now have the ability to measure, track and improve health outcomes. The challenge is how to best harness this information in ways that enhance overall decision-making.

Innovaccer, a pioneering healthcare analytics company, is leading the way by helping care organizations to simplify complex data from all points of care. The company’s Datashop solutions help to streamline the information for making powerful decisions, as well as for realizing strategic value-based reimbursement goals based on key insights and predictions.

Datashop has been deployed across 15 countries at academic institutions, governmental organizations, and several corporate enterprises such as Mercy ACO, El Paso HIE, Sonic Healthsystems, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Wolters Kluwers.

Following are the key highlights from this podcast interview:

  • High-level overview about Innovaccer. (:26)
  • How data has been driving tremendous change in healthcare – and Innovaccer’s role in this transformation. (1:42)
  • An instance where data helped to the advantage of a healthcare organization. (4:20)
  • The biggest problem payers are facing that providers have been able to solve with access to data. (6:10)
  • The future of healthcare and how data is paving the way. (9:12)
  • What does Innovaccer aim to achieve by 2020. (11:41)

For more information about Innovaccer, please click here.  To learn more about how RosettaHealth can help best facilitate health data sharing for today’s most cutting-edge analytics providers here.  

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