Intake and Referral Portal

Easily manage transitions of care. Instantly and securely send and receive referrals, share healthcare records, and message with any hospital or EHR system. Become a preferred facility for hospital referrals. Skilled Nursing Facilities. SNF. Long-term Care Facilities. LTCF. Direct Secure Messaging. DSM. Health IT. HIT. Transitions of Care. TOC. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. CMS.

Bringing ease to referral management.

Receive Referrals from Hospitals

Manage all referrals, regardless of source, in a single, easy to use portal.


Save time,

Our portal helps hospitals and facilities save time.  Instantly share records, message and manage transitions the easy way.

Work More Closely with the care community

Realize the benefits of effective communications and workflows by working closely with the care community during transitions.


Receive Referrals with HOSPITALS

Under MU, hospitals are required to send transitions of care electronically via Direct. The problem is that many ambulatory facilities don't have an easy way to receive these electronic referrals.  Using the Intake and Referral Portal provides an easy way to receive these referrals -- and for hospitals to make their MU numbers. Helping hospitals helps you become one of their preferred vendors. Its as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Sign up for Intake and Referral Portal Direct accounts,
  2. Provide your upstream hospitals with your Direct account, and let them know you can receive electronic referrals,
  3. Begin receiving referrals and messaging your hospital, as well as other providers and facilities.

There's nothing to install or "integrate" with -- it just works out of the box.  And as a Direct-enabled care provider, you will be at the top of their list for hospital referrals.


It is reported that over 45% of new patients are acquired through referrals. Such a critical business process needs to be fast, accurate, and automated...  yet most organizations rely on fax and paper records. This is insecure, time consuming and costly. 

There is a better way -- RosettaHealth! Using our Intake and Referral Portal, you can:

  • Accept and send electronic referrals with any Hospitals or EHR system.
  • Manage referrals with ease using workflow tools -- securely organizing and simplifying the transition of care.
  • View, print, download, transfer and organize electronic medical records -- all with a HIPAA-compliant audit trail.
  • Access patient allergies, medications, problems, lab results and more at the click of a button.

Our Intake and Referral Portal makes referrals and patient records secure, organized and easy.

Work More Closely with the care community

Hospitals, ACOs and managed care organizations are all trying to manage transitions better. Some of this is within MU, and some of it is just good sense. It saves money, improves outcomes, and reduces costly events like hospital re-admits.

The problem is that many ambulatory facilities don't have an easy way to "be in on the conversation" with the community managing the transition.  Small facilities and practices need a way to electronically communicate and share within the community.  

Our Intake and Referral Portal changes this by giving facilities and providers the ability to message or share records with other providers, hospitals and care organizations.  Secure sharing of records leads to better care... Our Intake and Referral Portal makes it simple and easy.

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