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Easily meet Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Patient Portal functionality, reduce workloads and staff time, and engage patients in their healthcare. RosettaHealth's Patient Portal is designed from the patient's perspective.

The easiest way for patients to get their records.

Easily meet PI (formerly MU) Stage 2 & 3 

Our portal provides Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Patient Portal functionality without coding.

Engage Your Patients

Reduce workloads and staff time but engaging patients with records and messaging.

Designed For Ease

What if a portal organized information the way patients think, instead of EHR engineers. 
Ours does.


Easily Meet PI (formerly MU) Stage 2 and 3

Meeting Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Patient Engagement criteria can be a challenge for both the EHR and the provider.  Our Patient Portal makes this truly easy.

  • Vendors: Adding full portal functionality requires only using your existing interfaces.  Often times with no coding.
  • Providers: Our portal takes the headaches out of patient engagement.  When the patient is in the office, a simple setup ensures that patient can access their records and message providers.

Using Direct technology, our portal is simple to integrate with EHRs, simple to provision patients, and simple for patients to get their records.  With full "view, download and transmit" functionality, PI2 and PI3 (formerly MU2 and MU3) is closer than you think.


Patient Portal engages with an intuitive interface and features that makes sense to patients.  

First, the sign up is easy -- just a PIN and personal information they already know are all that's needed to get patients started.

Second, our intuitive design means patients actually use the portal for viewing records and messaging providers.  Patients who review records and messages reduce office visit time -- saving providers time and money.

Last, our portal is fully compliant with HIPAA, Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use), and BlueButton.  This means your patient can send and receive health records without the office staff having to fax or mail records around.  


The last thing a provider wants is to become tech support for a patient who can't get what they want out of a portal.  The RosettaHealth Patient Portal is designed the way patients think -- not EHR designers.

Complete summary records are accessible by date of visit -- just like the patient uses in their filing cabinet at home.  Our Patient Portal makes it very simple for the patient to find, view, download or transmit their records -- using common metaphors they are used to.

The Patient Portal is also designed to be intuitive across different devices: from PCs, to tablets to phones.  Our portal navigation and design makes accessing records simple, easy and (sometimes) even fun.

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