Quick, seamless access to patient activity is easy with RosettaHealth


Accountable Care Organizations

Sharing medical records.


Reduce Re-Admits and Redundant Procedures

Easily share patient medical records to care coordination. 


Increase Referrals

Access the growing number of referrals being sent via Direct.


Access Data From Any EHR

RosettaHealth works with all EHRs across the largest trust network in the country.

Reduce Re-Admits and Redundant Procedures

Shared view of medical records is critical to reducing re-admits and eliminating redundant medical procedures. RosettaHealth focuses on enabling seamless movement of medical records between ACO participants' systems and even a common medical home. Key components of RosettaHealth for ACO's include:


Increase Referrals

Hospitals are required to send transitions of care via Direct in order to get their CMS MU payments, but they don’t have enough Direct-enabled organizations to refer patients to. Direct-enabling your practice will move you to the top of the referral list with these organizations and become one of their preferred vendors. How? Its as easy as 1, 2, 3... 

  1. Provision account(s) with HISPDirect. We will have you operational with hours.
  2. Login to our Community Portal to access your Direct account(s).
  3. Begin receiving referrals via Direct by notifying your upstream hospitals that you are Direct-enabled and providing them your Direct account.

It really is that easy! As one of their few Direct-enabled care providers, you will be at the top of their list of organizations to refer to.


Access Data From Any EHR 

Sending medical information continues to be difficult. Rather than receiving a fax with medical information that has to be manually entered into a system, RosettaHealth makes use of the Meaningful Use's Direct technology deployed in every EHR in the nation. Without any interface coding or special setup RosettaHealth greatly simplifies record sharing!  With RosettaHealth:

  • Share records between any PI (formerly MU) Stage 2 and Stage 3 certified EHR, and many other products.
  • Trust is built-in, so there's little policy or administrative burden.
  • You can set up a trusted sharing community in just days.

Seeing is Believing.

We're happy to arrange an online demonstration of RosettaHealth's breakthrough record sharing technology.


The RosettaHealth team gets stuff done, and has accelerated interoperability for us.

— Derek Plansky, Principal, Informatic Ideas