Access to patient information is streamlined with RosettaHealth solutions



Securely exchange patient records with anyone.


Exchange Patient Records With Anyone

RosettaHealth leverages Meaningful Use standards enabling seamless transfer of clinical information to anyone.


Easy, Intuitive Access

RosettaHealth is designed and built with you, the provider, clinical and support staff, in mind.


Quick Setup

No muss, no fuss. You don't need to be tech savvy to be operational in a few easy steps.


Exchange Patient Records With Anyone

Due to the Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) legislation and incentives, every EHR has been Direct-enabled to ensure that hospitals are able to collect their Meaningful Use payments from CMS. As a result a single, standards-based, ubiquitous clinical information communication protocol is deployed and accessible by every medical professional in the nation.

With RosettaHealth:

  • Exchange health records with any EMR.
  • Allow providers without EMRs to receive and send records.
  • Easily print, download or send records to other providers or patients.
  • Be part of the largest trust network in healthcare.

Easy, Intuitive Access

Using RosettaHealth's portals requires no training. Our intuitive interface is designed around health records, not a modified EHR view or webmail. Community Portal makes it easy to:

  • 1-Click viewing of records - no matter what the format.

  • 1-Click download, print or transmit records.

  • Message directly with other providers.

  • Easily portal search and view an audible HIPAA-compliant trail of all PHI access.

Our portal works in all modern web browsers as well as mobile devices with browsers.  RosettaHealth is the fastest, easiest way to extend health record access out to your healthcare community.


Quick Setup

RosettaHealth is specifically designed to be quick and easy to setup. Specifically,

  • Online process is fast and easy.
  • Digital Certificates without the fuss.
  • See and control all aspects of your accounts.

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