Smart Portals

The easiest way to stay connected across the care community and engage patients.


Community Portal

Simple, secure health messaging with anyone.


Intake and Referral Portal

Bringing ease to referral management.


Patient Portal

The easiest way for patients to get their records.


Our Smart Portals keep you connected across the care community

Let our team get you connected today.


Community Portal

Connect Everywhere.

Our Community Portal can receive and send health records to every EHR in the land.  Our portal comes "out of the box" using the largest trust networks -- and BlueButton.  A Community Portal account instantly gives you access to a world of exchange possibilities:

  • Exchange health records with any EMR.

  • Allow providers without EMRs to receive and send records.

  • Easily Print, Download or Send health records in complete MU, HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

  • Brings easy health record access to skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare, and other post-acute care scenarios.

Community Portal taps into the Meaningful Use standards to give easy, universal access to records.

Easy Transitions of Care

Transitions of Care couldn't be simpler with Community Portal.  Any Meaningful Use attesting provider can send transitions of care to a Community Portal user, in a fully compliant way -- just as they would any other provider.  Our portal:

  • Allows PI2-compliant (formerly MU2-compliant) transition to care providers without an EHR. like post-acute care facilities.

  • Easily keep track, and HIPAA-logged audit, of all transitions.

  • Intuitive interface make sending and receiving records easy - no training.

  • One click to view, download or send a record.

  • Allows related messages between providers.

For hospitals: sending referrals and transitions of care to facilities is simple -- even if they don't have an EHR.

For facilities without an EHR: reduce the effort to manage transitions, and help you referring hospitals make their PI (formerly MU) goals.

Simple, Clean, Efficient

Managing referrals, transitions of care, and health records couldn't be simpler with Community Portal.  Any provider can send and receive referrals, records and messages with a Community Portal user.  Our intuitive portal provides:

  • Simple interface for managing all referrals and records, be they electronic or fax,

  • Sending and receiving records from any provider - can always use fax.

  • The largest trust network in the land -- DirectTrust.

  • Nationwide provider directory for easy exchange of records.

  • Simplified workflow that allow the management of records and referrals..

  • Allows related messages between providers.

Our portal works in all modern web browsers as well as mobile devices with browsers.  Community Portal is the fastest, easiest way to extend health record access out to your healthcare community.


Intake and Referral Portal

Receive Referrals with Hospitals.

Under MU, hospitals are required to send transitions of care electronically via Direct. The problem is that many ambulatory facilities don't have an easy way to receive these electronic referrals.  Using the Intake and Referral Portal provides an easy way to receive these referrals -- and for hospitals to make their MU numbers. Helping hospitals helps you become one of their preferred vendors. Its as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Sign up for Intake and Referral Portal Direct accounts,

  2. Provide your upstream hospitals with your Direct account, and let them know you can receive electronic referrals,

  3. Begin receiving referrals and messaging your hospital, as well as other providers and facilities.

There's nothing to install or "integrate" with -- it just works out of the box.  And as a Direct-enabled care provider, you will be at the top of their list for hospital referrals.

Save Time, Improve Care

It is reported that over 45% of new patients are acquired through referrals. Such a critical business process needs to be fast, accurate, and automated...  yet most organizations rely on fax and paper records. This is insecure, time consuming and costly. 

There is a better way -- RosettaHealth! Using our Intake and Referral Portal, you can:

  • Accept and send electronic referrals with any Hospitals or EHR system.

  • Manage referrals with ease using workflow tools -- securely organizing and simplifying the transition of care.

  • View, print, download, transfer and organize electronic medical records -- all with a HIPAA-compliant audit trail.

  • Access patient allergies, medications, problems, lab results and more at the click of a button.

Our Intake and Referral Portal makes referrals and patient records secureorganized and easy.

Work More Closely with the Care Community

Hospitals, ACOs and managed care organizations are all trying to manage transitions better. Some of this is within MU, and some of it is just good sense. It saves money, improves outcomes, and reduces costly events like hospital re-admits.

The problem is that many ambulatory facilities don't have an easy way to "be in on the conversation" with the community managing the transition.  Small facilities and practices need a way to electronically communicate and share within the community.  

Our Intake and Referral Portal changes this by giving facilities and providers the ability to message or share records with other providers, hospitals and care organizations.  Secure sharing of records leads to better care... Our Intake and Referral Portal makes it simple and easy.


Patient Portal

Easily Meet PI Stage 2 and 3.

Meeting Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Patient Engagement criteria can be a challenge for both the EHR and the provider.  Our Patient Portal makes this truly easy.

  • Vendors: Adding full portal functionality requires only using your existing interfaces. Often times with no coding.

  • Providers: Our portal takes the headaches out of patient engagement. When the patient is in the office, a simple setup ensures that patient can access their records and message providers.

Using Direct technology, our portal is simple to integrate with EHRs, simple to provision patients, and simple for patients to get their records.  With full "view, download and transmit" functionality, PI2 and PI3 (formerly MU2 and MU3) is closer than you think.

Engage Your Patients

Reduce workloads and staff time by engaging patients with records and messaging.

Patient Portal engages patients with an intuitive interface and features that makes sense to patients.  

First, the sign up is easy -- just a PIN and personal information they already know are all that's needed to get patients started.

Second, our intuitive design means patients actually use the portal for viewing records and messaging providers.  Patients who review records and messages reduce office visit time -- saving providers time and money.

Last, our portal is fully compliant with HIPAA, Promoting Interoperability, and BlueButton.  This means your patient can send and receive health records without the office staff having to fax or mail records around.

Designed for Ease

The last thing a provider wants is to become tech support for a patient who can't get what they want out of a portal.  The RosettaHealth Patient Portal is designed the way patients think -- not EHR designers.

Complete summary records are accessible by date of visit -- just like the patient uses in their filing cabinet at home.  Our Patient Portal makes it very simple for the patient to find, view, download or transmit their records -- using common metaphors they are used to.

The Patient Portal is also designed to be intuitive across different devices: from PCs, to tablets to phones.  Our portal navigation and design makes accessing records simple, easy and (sometimes) even fun.