Enabling Hospital systems meet interoperability needs



Promoting Interoperability (MU2 and MU3) compliant, flexible messaging platform.


Certified & Accredited

Meet Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) information exchange requirements in days.


Enable SNFs

Enable your post-acute facilities to receive and act upon your transitions of care and referrals.


Adapts to Your Needs

RosettaHealth easily adapts to all of your regulatory and stakeholder needs.

Certified & Accredited

Moving clinical data easily, safely and securely requires more than simply implementing the Direct protocol. There are numerous certifications and accreditations that are required. Clients need the assurance of proper implementation, operationally sound practices, and interoperability within the appropriate trust community.  HISPDirect adheres to the Direct standards and meets all of the security and privacy requirements, we have intentionally achieved all mandatory and optional certifications including:

  • Interoperable: Modularly certified for all Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use 2 & 3) Direct criteria.

  • Secure: Only HISP hosted in ENHAC accredited and hosted in an ultra secure data center... beyond HIPAA.

  • Trusted: Member of DirectTrust Accredited and BlueButton+ Trust bundles.

  • Reports: PI/MU reports dynamically generated to support you submission needs.


Enable SNFs

Post-acute facilities are an easy path to Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) attestation. In fact, most hospitals find that if they can send their transitions of care/referrals to their post-acute facilities, they will meet the 10% transitions of care attestation. However, most post-acute facilities do not have EHRs. RosettaHealth's solution to the problem is both economical and easily incorporated into the post acute facilities workflow.



  • Provides a Direct-enabled, CDA-smart , intuitive portal that will allow post-acute staff to view and process hospital transitions of care WITHOUT a single change to any existing systems. In a matter of minutes, staff can be provided accounts and begin to receive your transitions of care so you can meet your PI2 and PI3 (formerly MU2 and MU3) attestation goals.
  • Creates Direct accounts to allow your post-acute staff to safely and securely transfer medical records.
  • Accommodates major EHR XD implementations. 

Adapts to Your Needs

In today's specialized operating environment, one-size-fits-all solutions frustrate staff by not living up to promised results as well as have extremely complex, intuitive user interfaces. The flip side of this are specialized solutions that fragment the workflow across so many specialized solutions, it's difficult to maintain the continuity process.

The RosettaHealth platform, HealthBus, is a refreshing change to the challenges of moving medical records. The heart and soul of HealthBus is the standards-based messaging platform to move medical records safely and securely while complying with all of your regulatory and stakeholder needs. Included in this platform is a flexible rules engine to adapt and control the flow of medical records to meet your specific needs. The platform has a number of additional components to plug the integration holes other solutions often leave.  The major components included:

  • Configurable Rules Engine... handle redaction rules, specialized routing/delivery, etc with simply configurations

  • Smart Portals:

    • Community Portal... Direct-enabling owned post acute care facilities to receive your transitions of care

    • Patient Portal... the easiest way for patients to get their records

  • Clinical Data Repository... CCD-smart, record reviewer allowing providers access to medical records anywhere

The best news is the entire RosettaHealth platform is deployable without any customization required. Once deployed, our intuitive, easy-to-use admin portals allow simple and straightforward configuration and tuning to meet new and changing requirements.


Achieve your interoperability needs With RosettaHealth

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The RosettaHealth team always jumps in fast to help us out, and energizes us all to embrace new opportunities.

— Nance Shatzkin, Founder and President, Shatzkin Systems