Single source, consolidated, and standardized data acquisition across the organization.


Enterprise Solution

Adaptive interoperability engine for managing the acquisition of healthcare data across the enterprise


Universal Transport

RosettaHealth's cloud platform seamlessly connects with any EHR and Direct-enabled HIT system.


Easy, Configurable Access

Easily connect providers, post acute staff, and patients with a single platform and NO custom development.


Fast Integration

Integrate and be operational in days with a wide area of options including REST API, XDR, SMTP POP, portals, or a web browser.


Universal Transport

The days of requiring a specialized connection to transfer medical records to external systems are over. RosettaHealth leverages emerging standards and Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) to move clinical data in and out of any Direct-enabled system, including every EHR in the nation.  Seamlessly, and without any setup or integration, share clinical data with other hospitals, urgent and post-acute care systems, and ambulatory practices:

  • Use any health information tools, not just EHRs approved components,
  • Easily share clinical information with any system in any community,
  • Enable analytics for population health and managed care.

With RosettaHealth, integrations are quick, easy, and only require one connection per system.  Give up expensive, messy, one-off integrations, and create a universal bus, HealthBus, and streamline your operation today.


Easy, Configurable Access

In today's specialized operating environment, its difficult to assemble simple solutions that meet your stakeholder and regulatory needs. RosettaHealth was built understanding that each hospital has different stakeholder needs and regulatory environments. 

  • Configurable Rules Engine... handle redaction rules, specialized routing/delivery, etc with simply configurations.

  • Smart Portals:

    • Community Portal... Direct-enabling owned post acute care facilities to receive your transitions of care.

    • Patient Portal... the easiest way for patients to get their records.

  • Clinical Data Repository... CCD-smart, record reviewer allowing providers access to medical records anywhere.


Fast Integration

Our typical customer completes integration in a few days (the fastest has been a couple of hours) versus weeks with other HISPs. Clear evidence that HISPDirect was built for easy integration.  We accomplished this by:

  • Building a simple, highly flexible REST API. With just a few calls you can connect to any provider in the US. 
  • Providing a free, no obligation sandbox bundled with testing tools to accelerate your development.
  • Real-time integration support to quickly come up to speed on 'Direct' and help with any technical issues.

Try our freeno obligation HISPDirect test accounts and see why HISPDirect is the best in the market.


See how easy and fast RosettaHealth’s enterprise solution can be.


The RosettaHealth team gets stuff done, and has accelerated interoperability for us.

— Derek Plansky, Principal, Informatic Ideas