HealthBus leverages emerging standards and Meaningful Use to securely exchange health information with any EHR. Adaptable, scalable, affordable health information exchange (HIE). Quick, easy integration.

Cloud-based "universal bus" for health information.


HealthBus' cloud-platform provides connections to all EHRs.


HealthBus' flexibility enables any exchange scenarios without coding.

High Capacity

HealthBus' high-capacity cloud infrastructure scales to meet your needs transparently.



The era of being "locked into" a specific EHR's environment is over.  HealthBus leverages emerging standards and Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) to move clinical data in and out of any EHR in the land -- with a common interface bus.  This opens up a world of possibility to hospitals, urgent and post-acute care systems, and ambulatory practices, including:

  • Use any health information tools, not just EHRs approved components
  • Easily share clinical information with any system in any community,
  • Enable analytics for population health and managed care.

With HealthBus, integrations are quick, easy, and only require one connection per system.  Give up expensive, messy, one-off integrations, and create a universal bus -- with HealthBus.


HealthBus is adaptable to any health exchange scenario.   At the heart of HealthBus, is an advanced rules-engine allowing complex health information exchanges with simple configuration changes.  HealthBus's engine can transform data, transport protocol, or direct routing based on your requirements. This powerful engine allows fast setup of complex exchanges like:

  • Establish a common repository between many systems, or communities
  • Redaction of sensitive information based on locality of sender or recipient
  • Unattended flow of care summaries to multiple destinations

What used to take months or years of work with interface engines and VPNs, can now be done simply and securely in days with HealthBus.

HIGH Capacity

Built on a load-balancing cloud platform, HealthBus can scale to meet any need.   Our platform scales transparently, without any changes to integrations.  HealthBus is already moving big clinical data -- like transporting clinical records for every patient discharged within a state.

Our powerful platform also gives you powerful management tools:

  • Real-time portal interface to view service status, uptime history, and message metrics
  • API and portal access to audit logs and bandwidth data
  • Bandwidth billing - pay only for the bandwidth you use

HealthBus makes big data transfer simple, secure, manageable and affordable.

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